Tropical Flower Tattoos

"Choosing tattoos of flowers"

When choosing a flower tattoo, tropical flower tattoos rank high among the choices. These often offer a more unusual and unique piece of body art. Tropical flowers also open a whole new vista of colors and meanings.

There are many deciding factors when choosing a tattoo with tropical flowers. Colors, meanings and location can all have an important part in choosing the tattoo. To begin the search for a tropical flower piece, there are many exotic locales to choose flowers from.

Hawaiian flower tattoos

Hawaii – Hawaii boasts the most variety of tropical flowers to choose from. These all have different colors and meanings, so a little research can really individualize your tropical flower tattoos.

1) The Hibiscus – This flower is one of the few that are native to Hawaii. One of these, the yellow ma'o hau hele hibiscus, is the state flower. The hibiscus is a great choice for flower pieces as they come in a great many colors, including pink, red, white, lavender, orange and several other colors. Hibiscus are well-known for their meaning – delicate beauty, making these an excellent choice for a feminine tattoo.

2) The Anthurium – These beautiful exotic flowers resemble the shape of a heart and are a bright red color. The meaning attached to these is hospitality and you see them quite often in Hawaiian leis.

3) Orchids – Everyone is familiar with the beauty of orchids. The detail and colors are incredible and can be translated well into a tattoo. The Dendrobim Orchid actually has the appearance of a butterfly making it a beautiful choice. Orchids have many meanings including magnificence, luxury, beauty, love and strength. The possibilities are endless when incorporating orchids into a tattoo.

4) The Birds of Paradise – This flower is an amazing selection for designing a tattoo. These flowers resemble a bird in flight and have stunning colors. They, of course, mean paradise.

Lotus flower tattoo

Asia – With 16 countries in tropical Asia, there are many beautiful flowers there that can be incorporated into tropical flower tattoos. There are such a great number that only the most popular will be listed, however, searching for unusual flowers can add a dimension of uniqueness to any piece of body art.

1) The Lotus flower – This flower is a beautiful choice for inclusion in an Asian themed tattoo. The Lotus is a symbol of purity and in Asian mythology is considered a symbol of spiritual awakening.

2) The Cherry Blossom – This flower is commonly seen in tropical flower tattoos. It has a very delicate appearance with white and pink petals. The Cherry Blossom is the symbol for female beauty and love.

3) The Lily – While these flowers are found around the world, the Lily can be incorporated perfectly into Asian pieces, or any other piece for that matter. The Lily is a symbol for many things including innocence and chastity, and on the other hand can be a very erotic symbol as well.

Floral tattoos

The beauty of choosing these flowers for your tattoo is that that you can place them practically anywhere. You can also include them in another piece or choose to let them stand alone as their own symbol of what you wish to communicate.

Flower tattoos, and especially tropical flower tattoos, are often seen with vines, branches and even whole trees. You also see butterflies, ladybugs and other feminine symbols. Although unusual, there are some masculine tattoos with flowers incorporated. These are generally tribal or full murals with flowers added to them.

Tropical Flower Tattoos to Symbols

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