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“Tribal tatoo designs”

Tribal tattoo work has become a common request for tattoo artists everywhere. A tribal sun tattoo design is one of many subjects that have been depicted in the style. Tribal tattoo artwork began centuries ago in practically every native tribe extinct or existing. It is a bold design choice, filled with dark ink patterns, highlighted at times by other colors or patterns.

The tribal design has been long been used for women and men in tribal cultures. That has crossed over to mainstream designs as well. With the creative touches of a good tattoo artist, tribal symbol tattoo body art can be perfect for a man or woman. The lines can be bold and extreme for a man and more subdued and feminine for a woman.

The tribal sun tattoo design is only one of many subjects incorporated into tribal art. It is one many of the subjects used in cross gender designs. Others are more gender specific, like hearts and flowers for women, or claws and barbed wire for men. Of course there are no set rules on who can get what.

Animals and animal patterns are one of the most commonly depicted tribal tattoo subjects. Whether these are animals true to nature, or fantastic and mythical creatures. Some of the most common of these are:

Tribal tattoo art

1) Dragons – Dragons are seen as massive, powerful creatures full of mystery and foreboding. Their body lines and general design make them perfect for tribal work.

2)The Big Cats – Lions, tigers, panthers, cheetahs; these are all frequent requests for use in tribal artwork. Of course their power and lethal nature make them an obviously male choice, however, they are also commonly seen in more feminine work as well.

3) Scorpions – With their segmented bodies, the scorpion works well into the tribal design. One of the most well known of these is probably the famous professional wrestler “Sting” and his tribal scorpion on his costume.

4) Snakes – Easily used in tribal artwork, and the ability to wrap these around arms, wrists, calves and most anywhere else you wish to have one make them extremely popular with tattoo fans

Sun and moon tattoos

Celestial bodies are another regularly chosen for tribal work. This is actually the subject matter for even the earliest tribal work. With the early Mayans, Aztecs and many other native tribes there was a fascination with the sun, moon and stars. That tradition has held on and has seen a recent resurgence in tattoo subjects.

1) The Sun – A tribal sun tattoo design was of very high importance with the early tribes that worshiped deities such as the gods of the sun and moon. These also required certain placements on the body to have their strongest effects, such as the shoulder or upper body.

2) The Moon – Again the moon had its own god in the early native tribes and held a place of import for these civilizations.

3) Stars – The stars, and especially certain groups, constellations were viewed with a certain sacred belief. These are still one of the most commonly requested subjects in many tattoos, not just tribal work.

A combination of the celestial bodies can be designed into an original and unique design for a tattoo. There are many interesting tribal sun tattoo designs. This is especially so if the constellation has personal meaning, like the zodiac sign of the person receiving the tattoo.

There is also a fairly interesting practice going on with a design called an ambigram tattoo. An ambigram is a tattoo that can be read straight on and upside down. With each view giving a different word. These are typically done in tribal and create incredibly beautiful and detailed tattoo patterns.

Tribal has also become an interesting way to display ones Christian faith. This is a fairly recent practice and it is very interesting to see designs that find ways to incorporate crosses, angels and others symbols of faith.

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