Tattoos with meaning Butterflies, Hearts, and Stars

by Tiffany
(Brooklyn, NY)

My blue butterfly

My blue butterfly

My blue butterfly Butterflies that represent my siblings Hearts and stars that me and my bestfriend have

I have been getting tattoos since I was 18 years old. I love body art.

It's so beautiful. Every tattoo that I have means something to me. I would like to share a few with this website.


Thank you for sharing your pictures! They are beautiful and a welcome addition to our gallery of tattoo art. Many people who have tattoos will tell you it is process they truly enjoy and as you stated, every tattoo has significant meaning to them.

Butterfly and star tattoo designs

Tattoos have become a way to permanently remind ourselves and others of the people, occasions, and ideals in our lives that have significant meaning to us. With your pictures we can see and interpret your love for your siblings, your appreciation of beauty in nature and your personal tattoo style. This is a perfect example of the meaningful nature associated with tattoos. In almost all tattoos there are reflections of our own personalities and characteristics.

Butterfly tattoo designs

Butterfly tattoo art can represent so many different ideas and symbolic meaning for the wearer that it is one of the most commonly requested tattoos for women in studios today.

Your use of butterflies to symbolize your siblings and serve as a piece dedicated to them is original and beautiful. Your blue butterfly tattoo is also a beautiful piece, and the talent of the artist is clearly apparent in the detail of the butterfly.

Heart tattoo designs

Hearts and stars, as depicted in your tattoo, show their ability to be creative and unique to each persons design style. As you have shown in your piece, their placement is versatile and they can be incorporated into any future piece you choose to work around or within them.

This is the same with your butterfly designs also, butterflies can fit well into many different styles. With a creative mind and a talented artist, our skin is a canvas capable of being transformed into a living, breathing masterpiece.

Thank you for sharing your pictures with Tattoo Designs of All Kinds! We enjoy sharing pictures, designs and the stories behind a persons body art.

It is our goal to inform and encourage those interested in tattoos and the process of getting them. From idea conception to the completed piece we are here to assist, inspire and congratulate those involved in the process.

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