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Tattoos of stars are one of the most commonly seen subjects of tattoo art. The likely reason for this is their versatility. Star patterns are not gender specific, they are also not limited by size or location of application. Star tattoo on foot, leg, arm, back, chest or any location desired.

You can see stars tattooed everywhere from peoples feet to their faces. There are many groups of people that currently claim the star as their own identifying symbol, however the history goes much farther back than recent history.

Nautical Star Tattoos

The history of tattoos of stars is widely believed to have begun with the nautical star. The Celts and even earlier ships in Spain were found to have used this symbol.

Nautical star tattoos were a common sight on sailors, who used the stars to navigate their way across the seas before maps had been charted. Sailors, as a group, were very superstitious.

With stories and legends abounding of being lost at sea, sailors put great import into any luck they could find. Once a sailor located the north star they could navigate their way home, therefore sailors would tattoo the nautical star on their forearms as a good luck symbol.

Tattoo Designs of Stars

Stars have begun to be integrated into many different styles of tattoos of stars. From tribal designs to religious styles the star can be found as an accentuating detail or the main feature of a great number of tattoos.

They can be found paired with other heavenly symbols like the sun and moon, or combined with crosses and other religious symbols to create tattoos displaying ones faith.

Shooting Star Tattoo

A shooting star tattoo also holds a deeper meaning for those who choose this style. Many people associate the shooting star with a fleeting moment in their life they wish to remember and memorialize.

This can include the loss of a loved one or just lost love. The shooting star is also used in many fantasy tattoos that also include fairies and butterflies. These tattoos are very feminine and generally quite beautiful.

Stars and clusters of stars are often combined with exotic flowers to create lower back pieces for women. Many star tattoo designs are made large enough to span from under the arm to below the hip for a full side piece.

Although very beautiful these pieces can be painful and require several sittings to complete. Breasts and belly buttons have also become popular locations for stars.

Tattoos of stars have become commonplace for celebrities as well. They have stars tattooed in various locations as can be seen on female celebs like Rhianna, Avril Lavigne, Nicole Ritchie, Lindsey Lohan, Lil Kim. This trend is not limited to just female celebrities. Chris Brown and Orlando Bloom also have tattoo designs of stars.

Star Tattoo Ideas And Design

When choosing a star design it is a good idea to invest a little research into the star or stars you plan on getting. There are many different types of stars including five-pointed, six-pointed, the star of David and many others, each with a different meaning.

Some of these may be offensive or of a nature you wouldn't wish to have permanently inked on your body.

A bit of research can ensure you have the tattoos of stars you want and not inadvertently get something you will later want to have covered or removed.

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