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In tattoo parlors there are many requests for a tattoo symbol for sister. Most sisters have a strong bond built from years of helping each other through life's circumstances. Are you wanting to design your own tattoo?

Many people wish to display their love for their sister by getting a tattoo symbolic of this special relationship. There are several questions that could help in choosing a design for your tattoo.

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Are you twins? - It is believed that twins share a bond that regular siblings do not. Some even believe that twins share everything, feelings like joy and pain have been said to be shared almost telepathically.

For twins a matching tattoo, perhaps of the Gemini which were mythological twins, or the Chinese symbol for twins would be a great tattoo symbol for sister.

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Do you have more than one sister? - If you have multiple sisters you wish to honor, the choices are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Perhaps each sister has a favorite flower that you could get tattooed, or their birthstones with their initials. With multiple close siblings it isn't hard to see design combination's that would be appropriate to honor them.

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Are you opposites? - For opposite sisters the first and most obvious choice is the yin and yang symbol. This is the age old symbol for opposite sides of everything. If you are both getting a tattoo you could break the symbol in half and each get the appropriate side of light and dark.

These are some things you can consider when choosing a sister tattoo. Of course, this is just a few of the questions you can ask to lead you to your own original tattoo symbol for sister.

No one wants the same tattoo everyone else has, so look for original designs and ideas. Most tattoo artists will be glad to help you create exactly what you are looking for.

First names are also common when done in hearts or even half hearts on each sister with them matching when held side by side. Lettering tattoos give endless possibilities for sisters to consider.

There are many foreign languages that have beautiful translations for the word “sister”, for example in Italian the word sister is “sorella”. With some research you can have a unique tattoo for your sister.

There is also the kanji symbol for sister. Of course, there are probably many people who have just the symbol, but when added to it with a bit of creativity it can become your own original design. Favorite flowers, colors and birthstones can help when creating a design. Use your own personal flair and style to make this tattoo uniquely yours.

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Portrait tattoos are also a consideration if you know a good tattoo artist who has experience with portrait work. Choose a favorite pic of you and your sister, or just your sister, and a good artist can transfer it to skin with amazing results!

A good artist can make the picture almost life-like on skin. Portraits, good ones at least, don't come cheap. In the tattoo world you get what you pay for, so avoid someone who offers cheap work, as it will generally look cheap as well.

We are always looking to add to our gallery pictures of our visitors work. If you have a tattoo symbol for sister, please send it in. Just use our contact page to submit your picture and a story if you have one and we will be glad to share it!

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