Tattoo Drawings and Tattoo Art

by Candy Queen of Darkness
(Rochester, New York)

Tattoo Artwork

Tattoo Artwork

Tattoo Artwork Skull Tattoo Art Tattoo Supplies Heart Tattoo Designs

I have been tattooing for a year now. I have 12 tattoos and working on more.

Some I have done my self. I think of tattoos as art. I know there are people who think it is gross.

Some people look at me as a freak. I just look at them and tell them to take a picture it will last longer.

If you get a tattoo make it some thing you will not be ashamed of. If some one says something tell them it is art and you like art.


Thanks for sharing your tattoos with us.

I have heard the difference between people who have tattoos and those that don't is "The people that have tattoos don't care if the others don't have any".

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