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For comic book fans it is not unusual to see superman tattoos and designs among their ranks. Superman is probably the most widely recognized comic book hero. It isn't just men getting tattoos inspired by comics, either, there are almost as many women looking for comic book related tattoo designs.

Looking at superhero tattoo pictures shows there are almost as many women as there are men with the Superman symbol as a tattoo. It also helps that Supergirl wore the same symbol, and that it transfers well to an all pink design.

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Superman tattoo designs

There are many ways people honor their comic book hero in tattoos. The most common is the Superman symbol, but it isn't the only tattoo design or the most creative for Superman fans.

A quick search of Superman tattoo designs will show that people have found many ways to integrate Superman into their body art. From the symbol itself to portraits of Superman, fans have found many ways to display their love of comics first and favorite. Superman is now known as an cultural icon in America.

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Spiderman tattoos

If a person is a comic book fan wishing to get a tattoo, there is plenty of subject matter available to them. There are the ones everyone recognizes like Spiderman, Batman and Wolverine all the way to the obscure like the Green Lantern and Doktor Sleepless, who is one of the few comic book characters who sports his own tattoo. Here is a short list of comic book heroes and arch-enemies:

1. Superman

2. Spider-Man

3. Batman

4. The Joke

5. Magneto

6. Wolverine

7. Hellboy

8. The Sandman

9. The Beast

10. Lex Luthor

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Many comic tattoos pictures

It appears that many of the comic books are made with men in mind, male heroes versus male arch-enemies with the only women appearing being the terrified female victim always saved by the male hero. There are some well known and some little known comic book heroes that are girls.

Several of these are cult classic favorites everyone will recognize and some are less known but worth looking for if you are a comic book fan. Here is a list of 10 popular female comic book heroines if you are looking for an original comic book heroine for your tattoo:

1. Tank Girl

2. Wonder Woman

3. Catwoman

4. Death

5. Jean Grey/Phoenix

6. Jessica Jones AKA Jewel

7. Cassandra Cain AKA Batgirl

8. Kate Kane AKA Batwoman

9. Madame Xanadu

10. Emma Frost AKA The White Queen

The great thing about using comic book characters for tattoo subjects is they are drawn with such detail that they make great tattoos. Whether male or female the artwork transfers very well by a good tattoo artist.

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Superhero tattoos Thor

Everyone has their favorite comic book character and getting them tattooed on their bodies is a great homage to the writer and character artist for the comic book. The regularity with which comic book heroes are transferred to skin proves they aren't just for kids anymore!

Superman tattoo pics and Superman tattoo designs are fairly common compared to other comic book characters. Of course if you have an unusual Superman tat we would love to show it off for you, and if you have a tattoo of your own favorite character we would love to share that too! Please take the time to send them to us and we will gladly post them for the world to admire!

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