My star tattoo

by Trisha, 22
(Delaware, USA)

As I was getting into my teen years I knew I wanted a star tattoo. I didn’t know exactly how I wanted it done. I had gotten a few other tattoos done, while figuring out how I wanted my star tattoo. My very first tattoo was a memorial for my dad, which I had put on my wrist, then I got “Libra” on the back of my neck, and then I got “Learn from yesterday, Hope for tomorrow, live for today” under my right breast on my ribs. I spent about 2 years thinking about how I wanted my stars done. Finally one day out of the blue I decided to just go and get it done, well at least get it started. I went to a shop, talked to the artist, which had done tattoo on my ribs, about how and where to place to the stars on my back. I had only gotten six stars at this time. Then I had a friend of mine do the stars to the big pink star for me a couple months later. He was very good, but was not good at free hand drawing, so he had to have something to trace first. Finally, a couple more months later I had him add the last set of stars, (which I messed up by picking at it). I do not regret my star tattoo at all; just wish I would have had someone who was much better completely do it. I now need to get some of it covered with bigger stars because a few of them are too small, (at least I think they are too small) and get them touched up. My star tattoo is not a complete tattoo. I plan on adding so much more detail to my stars, I want to fill in my star with many different things, including tiny stars, hatchet men, zebra print, cheetah print, different colors, I just want to go all out. I know there are a lot of people with star tattoos, but I feel like each and every one is different in their own way, and each has their own meaning. My stars represent confidence, because the way they are placed and kind of follow my curves. Stars shine and are beautiful, and placing them on my body in that layout made me just a little more confident in my own skin.

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