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Hand tattoos are creating a rapidly growing demand for smaller tattoo designs.

This increase is due largely to new areas of the body being used for landscapes including foot, toe, ankle, wrist ect. These designs vary widely and many contain an amazing amount of detail considering the limited area there is to work within.

Small tattoo lettering

When deciding on a new tattoo for your hands, wrists or any of the other obvious locations it is important to remember how visible they will be.

Of course, tattoos have lost much of their social stigma but there are still employers and others who frown upon body art and any other type of modifications. There are temporary choices available to those who wish to give it a “trial run” like henna and spray on or air-brushed temporary tattoos.

If you are looking for unique ways to decorate your hands there are quite a few design ideas that can be incorporated into your own personal style.

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Design your own tattoo?

Initials - There are many ways to turn a persons initials into perfectly unique hand tattoos. With the many different lettering styles available, turning anyone's initials into a piece of art is simple. This is a popular choice for parents who wish to dedicate a tattoo to their children. Initials are also a wise choice if you decide to get a boyfriend or girlfriend's name tattooed on you, as they are easily covered.

Kanji – Kanji is a form of Japanese calligraphy, and has been a popular choice for tattoos for quite some time. One of the great things about Kanji is the portability of the size of the design. With an accurate translation and design practically anything can be expressed in this art form. It is very important to verify the translation, no one wants their tattoo to be embarrassing and have to pay for a correction or cover up.

Celestial – Star, moon and sun designs are also easily transferred to a size perfect for placement on the hands. This is also true for astrological signs. These are very popular choices as they can be incorporated into a truly unique design.

Rings – This is a very unusual design choice. With the pain involved in getting one of these tattoos it is no wonder they are often seen. There are a number of people, though, who have these along with or in place of an actual wedding ring. These can be names or phrases like “true love” or “eternal love”. This particular tattoo idea was made popular when Pamela Anderson had Tommy Lee's name tattooed on her ring finger. When they split she had the tattoo altered to read “mommy”.

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Small tattoos on celebrities

Hand tattoos can be seen on a number of high profile celebrities. This is a statement to their individuality and creativity.

Britney Spears – Along with her many other tattoos, Britney has a star on her right hand.

Cheryl Cole – Cheryl, a judge on “The X Factor”, has a Polynesian piece on her right hand.

Jesse James – Another high-profile hand tattoo is Jesse James' tattoo in the palm of his right hand. It has a dollar sign and the phrase “Pay Me Sucka”.

Dave Navarro – Dave, a guitarist with Jane's Addiction, is probably as well known for his tattoos as for his music. He has quite a list of tattoos on his hands, including a spiderweb design between the thumb and index fingers of both hands, his birthday in Roman numerals on the knuckles of both hands and a marriage symbol on his right palm.

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Best tattoo artist for the job

When searching for a tattoo artist to do a tattoo on the hand or wrist there may be some that are unwilling to do the work. This is due, essentially, to “buyers remorse”. With the permanence of tattoos it is not unusual for people to have regrets after getting tattoos in highly visible locations. This is definitely something that must be taken into consideration before getting a tattoo.

If you have a hand tattoo that you would like to share, please feel free to use the contact page to send in pictures and/or the story behind the tattoo. Please remember we do not use vulgar or obscene photos or stories. Thank you for keeping this in mind.

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