Grim reaper tattoos and angel tattoo designs

by Uditha Ranawaka
(Malabe, Sri Lanka)

Dark Angel

Dark Angel

Dark Angel Grim Reaper

I have my left hand Dark angel tatoo now I wanna full fill it, please help me to fullfill it any idea to fill it??

And I have grim Ripper tattoo also I attach that one also I think a Grim Ripper tattoo is fine I wanna full fill in my arm Dark angel tattoo..

Malabe, Sri Lanka


Tattoo art style

Thank you for sharing pictures of your tattoos. We are always in search of original tattoo styles, and we appreciate you taking your time to share yours. We strive to provide information that will help in the creative process of designing tattoos. Everyone wants their tattoos to be unique and original to their own personal style. Our hope is that we can offer assistance to our visitors as they make the creative decisions for their tattoo art style.

One of the biggest decisions in tattoo style is color or no color. To fill or not to fill with color or shades of black can be the deciding factor in a persons tattoo style. There is an incredible array of colors and shades available for tattoos. There are even inks on the market that will glow under a black-light. This is a popular choice for people that frequent clubs where black-lights are a part of the décor.

Color choices have expanded to include practically every color in the spectrum, but there are still some pieces that look best when done in the original black and gray, with the shading creating the depth. It can be amazing to see what can be done with just these colors and a talented artist.

Your tattoos are both very detailed pieces and already look excellent without any additional work. If you wish to keep the “dark” look for your angel then I suggest using dark colors for her clothes and hair and perhaps a dark aura-like shroud surrounding her body. Of course, these are merely suggestions and your own ideas and originality are what getting tattoos is all about.

Dark pieces can be difficult to add detail and dimension to, the colors can have a tendency to blur the design. A good artist will use a light hand with his tattoo gun and use shading and contrast to add detail. It will be interesting to see your final design and we hope when it is completed you will send us a picture so it can be added to our gallery.

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