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Looking for a dragon tattoo? Gallery photos are full of different styles and designs. Dragons are a very popular choice for tattoos. By using creativity and some knowledge of the subject it is possible to come up with a truly unique dragon design.

Everyone knows dragons are mythical creatures known for their power, ability to fly and breath of fire. What some people may not be aware of is how many different cultures have separate beliefs about dragons, including ideas about their nature, physical appearance and origin.

Many of these ideas are important to getting a tattoo that is true to the original style of dragon you are wishing to portray.

There are two primary cultural origins for dragons, European and Chinese. These cultures have two very divergent ideas regarding dragons. The primary physical attributes are the same, long serpentine features with scales and wings being present in most. The nature and purpose of these creatures, however, are extremely different between these cultures.

Dragon tattoo art

European Dragon - Though winged, the European dragon is generally considered an ancient creature of the earth with its lair being in caves and crags below mountains. It is thought that the mythological European dragon stems from the cult of snake followers found among early religions.

These dragons when portrayed in a dragon tattoo gallery, are generally depicted as grand, fire-breathing, dinosaur-like creatures with leathery wings, four legs and long muscular tails. The dragons in European culture are most always evil creatures that plundered towns and snatched small children.

Chinese dragon tattoo

Chinese Dragon – In Asian cultures the dragon is revered, in some places even worshiped. Due to this, the Chinese dragon is depicted with a much more benign image. Though still considered serpentine, the long body features are somewhat softened to appear benevolent.

In classic Chinese texts there are over 100 different dragons with separate functions. From celestial dragons that protect heavenly bodies to a two-headed rainbow serpent, there is no lack for original dragon ideas in the Asian cultures.

Dragon tattoo gallery designs typically vary between these two types of dragons. With the huge diversity in design choices and color options, these tattoos can be designed for a man or a woman. Also, the symbolism attached to dragons make them a popular choice for many different types of people.

Dragon Symbolism

Dragons have many symbolic attributes. Based on where and what time period the dragon originated they could be seen as any of the following:

1) Strength

2) Courage

3) Fortitude

4) Balance

5) Magic

6) Elemental

7) Celestial

8) Luck

9) Fearsome

10) Fertility

This is just a partial list, with the dragon being used as a symbol for many different people, places and things over the centuries.

The dragon is also one of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. It is this year on the Chinese calendar that makes the dragon a symbol of fertility, as the dragon year is the most popular for having babies.

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