Celtic design tattoos

“Celtic tattoo art origin”

Celtic design tattoos have become a very popular subject for people wishing to get a tattoo. The Celtic art form and its history are both very intricately and richly detailed.

The term “Celtic” refers to a group of people who, at one time, inhabited all of Europe. When the Romans and Anglo-Saxons began possessing the land the Celts were pushed to the north and west, becoming the Scottish, Irish, Welsh and Bretons.

It is a fairly common practice for those of Celtic descent to use the artwork or lettering to display their pride in their heritage. When immigrating to America a great many people from Ireland, Scotland and Wales ended up in New England, and there you will find many things reminiscent of their homeland.

Even Boston's NBA basketball team is named the Celtics. You may even find fans with Celtic tattoo designs, the team logo is the shamrock, to display their team pride.

Mystic knot or Endless knot

One of the most widely recognized Celtic designs is the Celtic knot. This knot is also known as the mystic knot or the endless knot, and has been seen in Celtic art as far back as 450 A.D..

Celtic design tattoo are typically based on this single pattern, with the pattern being an intricate knot with no apparent beginning or end. The endless quality of these patterns can be incorporated into practically any subject matter.

Celtic tattoo symbols

The early Celts did most of their artwork in stone and metals. These art styles are often crossed over into Celtic tattoo symbols. The textures can be beautifully inked to appear to be lifelike stonework or metal work on skin.

The colors used for this are just as varied as the patterns created. You can see every color of the rainbow in Celtic tattoo work.

The most popular Celtic tattoo symbols are crosses, hearts and shamrocks. This does not mean they are the only images that can be Celtic inspired, you can turn practically any image into a Celtic design.

Anyone with a measure of artistic ability can transform an image into beautiful Celtic design tattoos . There are some designs that are easier to fill with the pattern, however.

There are examples of practically any design converted into the Celtic sign available online. With the Celtic tattoo art it is possible to create designs that are wholly original, with no one having the same pattern.

A person can even draw inspiration from photos or books containing photos of ancient Celtic art. The Celts often used these patterns to create family motifs, therefore it is not uncommon for those of Celtic descent to get matching family art.

Celtic cross tattoo designs

An interesting note on one of the more common Celtic tattoo designs regards the Celtic cross. This unique cross is circled by a ring, said by an Irish priest to represent the endless quality of God's love.

Thereby adding an additional basis for getting the Celtic cross tattooed. First, to represent not only ones pride in their heritage but also their faith in a God of abounding love.

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