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Thinking about a bull tattoo? From astrology to Greek mythology and everywhere in between, the bull has significant symbolic meaning. The bull has been translated in images as striking, powerful, dangerous and virile. There are many ways to interpret and recreate the bull into a tattoo design.

When choosing a tattoo, many people want something that represents how others see them or how they wish to see themselves. The bull has many symbolic characteristics that it is easy to understand how a person would come to select the bull as a tattoo symbol for themselves. Some of those characteristics are:

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A look back to ancient times and cultures, where symbolism was a key part of everyone's day to day lives, shows the bull as a powerful symbol in all cultures.

Bull tattoo art

Celtic Symbolism – In the Celtic culture the bull meant physical strength, power and extreme virility. This made it a symbol for them of fertility and the power to procreate. This would make a bull tattoo perfect for someone with a large number of children, or hopes for them! Later, the Celts considered the bull a status symbol, as cattle were a large source of their income.

Astrology – The Taurus sign, the sign of the bull, directly corresponds to the constellation of Taurus considered to be in the shape of the bulls head. This constellation is at its zenith between April 20 and May 20. The position of this constellation corresponds with the coming of spring and, therefore, symbolizes replenishment, abundance and renewal.

Greek Mythology - In Greek mythology, Zeus transformed himself into a striking white bull. This was done in an attempt to gain the attention of Europa. Whom he later had children with. In ancient Greek art paintings are shown with Europa riding astride a gleaming white bull.

Chinese Zodiac – The bull is one of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac using the lunar calendar. The sign of the bull in this zodiac has several symbolic characteristics for those born under the sign. Perseverance, determination, stability and long-suffering are all attributed to those born under this sign.

Hebrew Symbolism – In Hebrew the symbol for bull is also the first letter of their alphabet. This symbol is considered to be originally based on a Semitic hieroglyph for the word bull. This aleph is also symbolic of harmony and provision. This also can represent mans ability to work with nature to bring about abundance.

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Whether choosing a bull tattoo for its symbolism or just choosing an awesome design, there is something powerful about a bull. They are revered by the Hindu and fought vigorously in Spain with much respect for the bull.

They are depicted often in tattoos pawing the ground and snorting fire with their massive muscles rippling. For the person wishing to depict themselves with these characteristics, whether powerful in spirit or in body, the bull is an excellent choice.

Having a tattoo of a bull can remind yourself or portray to others the characteristics you wish to share. If you have a bull design tattoo we would love to share it. Please feel free to use our contact page to submit your picture(s) and perhaps your purpose behind the tattoo. Please remember we do not post obscene or vulgar pictures. Thank you!

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