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Taurus tattoos are typically requested by those born under the 2nd sign of the zodiac, or from April 20th to May 20th. They are also requested by those with children, relatives or loved ones born under the sign of the bull. There are many ways to create new and original designs to represent the symbol of Taurus.

As with all zodiac symbols, the Taurus zodiac symbol tattoo originates from the constellation of the same name. It is in roughly the shape of a bulls head. This is also true for the glyph for the Taurus sign, it is the shape of a bulls head and horns.

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Taurus symbol tattoo

The Taurus personality is also represented by the image of the bull. It is well known that Taurus personalities can be quite “bull-headed”. A few other traits known to be possessed by the Taurus are:









Taurus tattoos are quite often images of a bull in full charge. This is the way most Taurus' see themselves. Powerful, obstinate creatures that despise change and most always want things their way or no way.

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The Taurus is an earth sign and with the objects and colors associated with it, these can all be incorporated into a beautiful tattoo. The neck and throat are the parts of the body associated with this sign and it is often these locations where the tattoos are placed. Here are some of the elements associated with the Taurus sign that can be included in a tattoo for someone wishing to get one.

Metal – Copper

Gemstone – Emerald

Colors – Brown, Russet, Turquoise

Flowers – Red Rose, Daisy, Lily, Daffodil

For women under this sign it is not uncommon to see just the glyph surrounded by flowers and colors associated with the sign. Although, with the strong personalities of those born under the Taurus sign, you can also find many women who have large, graceful bulls in their tattoos.

One of the stories in Greek mythology lend quite a bit to the images portrayed in these tattoos. In the legend, the Greek god Zeus falls in love with Europa from afar and transforms himself into a great white bull. He then carries her away on his back. This is a scene quite often reproduced in Taurus tattoos.

Some of the bulls portrayed in these tattoos are fashioned after the Marathonian bull with wild red eyes and a fierce temper. This can sometimes be indicative of the Taurus personality. Strong and fierce, they quite often wish to portray this in their body art.

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With many legends and underlying meanings for this star sign, it is easy to create a rich and original tattoo to display your place in the zodiac. The colors and symbols can be incorporated into many different designs. Whether they are simple glyphs and lettering tattoos or large murals, the Taurus sign gives many options for design choices.

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