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Tattoos of girls have a very long history. In Asian cultures, where the art of tattooing has been held in high regard for centuries, there are pictures of men with Geisha's completely covering their backs in mural form.

With so many different cultures having their own form and function for tattooing, it is hard to determine exactly when women became the object of this art form.

With so many different styles of tattooing, there are many different types of women that become the subject of tattoos. The earliest styles of tattoos that included women in the US were probably sailors getting Sailor Jerry style women. Tattoos in this style have seen a resurgence in popularity and it isn't uncommon to see these girls getting tattooed again.

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These tattoos of girls were typically “pinup” or calendar girls that were famous during World War II. They were models or actresses that posed for calendar pages which would be “pinned-up” in GI lockers around the world.

The very first of these was probably Betty Grable. There were also some that were drawn to depict beautiful women as in the Gibson girl, drawn by Charles Dana Gibson. It was with the popularity of these girls that soldiers and men in general began using them for subjects of their tattoos.

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With the advancement of tattooing and the ability to recreate almost anything into a life-like picture, you can now get the likeness of anyone you choose in tattoo form. There are many famous faces that are regularly re-created in the tattoo parlor. Some of the most famous include:

Marilyn Monroe – Everyone knows the face that goes with this name and she is probably the most tattooed celebrity. And, of course, the pose with her dress up is possibly the most popular.

Cher – Another timeless celebrity, with her changes in style over the years there are many possibilities for tattoo designs.

Brittany Spears – Still young, her celebrity and bizarre behavior have made her very popular. Bald pictures of her are rampant in the tattoo world.

Madonna – The material girl is the star of many tattoos. Madonna has made many changes and reinvents herself regularly so there is always fresh tattoo design material.

Christina Aguilera – Becoming a celebrity very early in her life, Christina has scores of fans and many have honored her with a place on their skin.

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It isn't always celebrities that end up starring in tattoos of girls. Men and women alike have chosen to get portraits of their children, spouses or partners. While many of these turn out beautifully done, some can end up a mess.

Anytime a person is looking for fine detail work, it is important to be sure of the artist. It can take years of experience with a tattoo gun to be able to create finely detailed body art. Portraits and full body pieces can be even more difficult.

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It is always important to be sure the artist you choose is qualified, ask to see previous work and a hand drawn picture of the image you want tattooed. These can answer most questions of skill and ability.

A skilled and experienced tattoo artist won't have an issue with these requests. They understand the importance of assurance for the person getting the tattoo. Tattoos are permanent and everyone wants the best art they can get.

Do you have tattoos of girls you would like to share and show off? Please feel free to send them in and share your story about them. All tattoos have a story and we would love to hear it and share it! Use our contact page and we will be glad to show it off! Tasteful work only please, no vulgar or obscene work will be used or displayed.

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