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Shamrock tattoos are a very popular choice for people getting a new tattoo or even adding to an existing one. The shamrock can be a beautiful individual piece and can also be incorporated into a larger tattoo.

It is also easily designed to work well for a ladies or a men. There is quite a bit of history and tradition associated with the shamrock and this can be one of the many reasons people choose this these custom tattoo designs.

Celtic shamrock tattoos

What is a shamrock symbol?

If you are considering a new tattoo you will want to know the difference between the shamrock and clover design. There is a misconception when it comes to the shamrock. It is often mistaken for the four-leafed clover, which by many is considered a symbol of luck.

The shamrock is a three-leafed clover, with its name being derived from the Irish word “seamrog” which is a derivative of another Irish word meaning clover. With the origins of the word shamrock being Irish it is easy to see where the beginnings of the history and tradition of the symbol came about.

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Shamrock plant

One of the legends surrounding the shamrock is the reason behind many people of faith having or planning to get shamrock tattoos. The legend, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, states that St. Patrick used the three-leafed plant to illustrate the doctrine of the Trinity.

Whether true or not, it has had a lasting effect and many people still see the shamrock as a way to symbolize their faith. The shamrock can be a very subtle but yet still powerful reminder of a person's belief in God.

Shamrock clover tattoo designs

The shamrock now is the registered trademark of the government of Ireland and is also used as a mascot of sorts by several of their sports teams. This has given the shamrock as much an Irish identity as the Blarney stone.

Those of Irish descent often show their pride in their heredity by adding shamrocks to their tattoo collections. These are often combined with the colors of the Irish national flag; green, white and orange.

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Irish shamrock symbol

The four-leafed clover, though not a “traditional” shamrock, is still seen as part of Irish heritage and tradition. The four leaves each have a separate meaning; Hope, Faith, Love and Luck. The idea of the four-leafed clover being lucky comes from a person's chances of finding a clover that grows with four leaves, which is about 1 in 10,000.

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Celtic shamrock designs

Shamrock tattoos, or four-leaf clover tattoos are easily designed into many different tattoo styles. One popular style used is the Celtic design. There are many beautiful ways to incorporate this design into a unique tattoo.

And although green is the most popular color, any color can be used to make the design unique to the owner. It is also not uncommon to see this design included with other good luck symbols such as horseshoes or the word lucky.

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Purple shamrock symbol

When size is an issue, these designs can be a perfect fit practically anywhere. The clover style can be as small or as large as a person chooses. The ankle, wrist and shoulder are common places to see these tattoos. The neck and below/behind the ear are also small discreet locations for your good luck tattoo!

Lettering is a very popular addition to clover tattoo designs. Names, words and just about any other meaningful phrase can be added to the tattoo to express what the piece means to the wearer. Almost all tattoos have deeper meaning than just a pretty piece of art on skin.

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