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People searching for Pisces tattoo art have found many ways to make it original and unique. By nature, people born under the Pisces astrological sign are creative and intuitive. This gives them the perfect characteristics for designing an original piece of body art.

There are many famous people that are Pisces and display many of these personality traits. Michelangelo and Mozart are definite examples of the creative nature of the Pisces. The intelligence of the Pisces can be seen in people such as inventor Alexander Graham Bell and chess master Bobby Fischer.

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For those born between February 20th and March 20th the Pisces is their zodiac symbol . Along with being creative and intuitive, Pisces have many other personality characteristics.

Some of these traits are good and, like everyone else, there are some bad traits. Pisceans are widely noted for their duality, or split personalities. One minute they can be silent and somber and the next excitable and talkative. The more common traits attributed to a Pisces are:













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Koi fish tattoo designs

Pisces, being a water sign, makes the fish symbol an obvious choice. There are typically two fish swimming in opposite directions, symbolic of the duality of the Pisces nature.

The Greek named these fish Ichtyes and they are generally depicted in a Yin/Yang style. In most of these designs there is also a thin band connecting the two fish in a subtle way, depicting the bond between the two natures.

The kind of fish chosen for the Pisces tattoo art is totally up to the person designing the tattoo. A common choice is the Japanese Koi fish, due to the treacherous journey they must make to spawn.

This is considered a way to symbolize vigor, strength and determination. It is not uncommon to find other sea and water creatures incorporated into the Pisces tattoo design.

The Pisces color in astrology is sea green, which is a common color for the background of these tattoos. Pisces are also known to favor the colors aquamarine and violet, and these are often seen in their ink choices. Water lilies, the flower associated with Pisces, are quite beautiful when added to the design as well.

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Along with the animal signs, there are also symbols called glyphs that are used to designate ones place in the zodiac. The glyph for a Pisces resembles a letter H. There are two vertical crescents pointing outward to represent receptivity, held together by a single horizontal line indicating a desire for unity. The symbol looks kind of like this: )-(.

Whether choosing the glyph or the fish design, Pisces tattoo art can be depicted in many different styles. Tribal is a very common choice and the glyph translates well into this particular style.

Asian is another tattoo style that is commonly used for Pisces tattoos, offering bright colors and intricate designs. All of these design styles can be altered or embellished to be made suitable for a male or a female.

If you have unusual and/or unique Pisces tattoo designs that you would like to share in our gallery just use our contact page to submit your pictures. We would love to display your work in our gallery! Please remember we only use pictures that are not obscene or vulgar. Please keep them rated PG or less. Thanks!

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