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Libra tattoos are a common request in tattoo studios. Everyone wants a tattoo that genuinely reflects who they are or who they want to be. Libra being the seventh sign in the zodiac, is assigned to everyone born between September 24th and October 22nd. For those born under this sun sign coming up with an original tattoo design can be a fun and creative process.

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As with all zodiac birth signs or star signs, there are two symbols assigned to the Libra sign. First is the constellation the sign is named after, the Libra being the scales. Some call these the scales of justice.

Second is the glyph, the glyph is two parallel horizontal lines with the top line having a half circle in the middle rising above the line. These can be used separately and together in the design of the tattoo. zodiac sign tattoo

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Libra scale tattoo

The constellation of the scales that depicts the Libra sun sign are also a telling sign of the personality it is assigned to. Libras have many wonderful traits, here are several they are most known for:











There is a story in Greek mythology that is closely associated with the scales and justice. In the legend there are two women, both considered at one time the goddesses of justice and common sense.

They were both considered to balance the weights and deeds of the humans on earth, therefore the scales became the scales of justice and common sense.

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Libra sign tattoos

The scales and the glyph are regularly incorporated into this tattoo with other characteristics associated with the Libra sign. These tattoos are often placed on the lower back area, as this is supposed to be the area controlled by the sun sign. Here are some other customizable facets of the Libra sign:

Elemental – Air

Color(s) - Ivory, Pink (Rose), Turquoise, Blue

Metal - Copper

Gemstone(s) – Blue sapphire, Fire Opal

Flower(s) – Roses (White or Pink), Daisies, Violets, Asters, Orchids

The design for this tattoo can be made masculine or feminine in nature, depending on whom it is created for. The scales, themselves, can be incorporated into a design made for a woman or a man. Of course, flowers would be a feminine touch but if tribal or kanji lettering is used it can be decidedly male.

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Unique Libra tattoos

Libra tattoos can also be designed to memorialize the birth of a child with that sign. It is not uncommon to see groupings of sun signs to dedicate a tattoo to all of ones children.

This is commonly done with just the glyphs and the names and dates of birth of each child. There have been some extraordinary pieces done with these signs in memory of loved ones also.

Whatever the purpose of having a zodiac tattoo done; the death or birth of a loved one, a new love in ones life, or just an expression of ones personal identity, the design possibilities are practically endless. With a good artist and a bit of imagination anyone can create an original Libra tattoo.

If you have an original Libra tattoo and would like to show it off, please feel free to use our contact page to send in your pictures. Please remember we keep all of our pictures free of profanity and obscenity, and all of our pictures and designs are copyrighted for your protection.

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