The Many Joker Tattoos

“Crazy joker tattoos”

Joker tattoos are a fairly common request in tattoo studios. Whether they are based on the infamous Batman arch-enemy or an outward display of a person's character, there are many reasons people choose this design.

The joker design has many changeable features, whether the joker is happy, sad, angry or evil is all completely up to the person getting the ink. While the designs are typically masculine in nature, there are some ladies that have designed a joker in their own feminine style.

The joker in playing cards is typically designed after a clown or court jester. This design dates back to the 1860's and is probably based on a card designed for the game of Euchre, in which the image on the card is patterned after the fool in tarot cards. With playing cards there are two basic colors used, red and black. With two jokers in each deck there is typically a red joker and a black one.

Card tattoo

People that choose this design for their tattoos generally consider themselves a “wild card”. Ready and willing to do just about anything. Unpredictability is a major component of these personality types.

When choosing your tattoos based on the wild card personality there is the option to stick with the original coloring from a deck of cards, or the tattoo can be designed with whatever colors the person desires. It is not uncommon to see regular card players and professional poker players with card tattoos, including the joker.

A tattoo can also be an homage to the Batman comic book character of the same name. The Joker has been a main character since issue number one of the Batman comics, released in 1940. Many of the Batman followers have been fans of the Joker rather than the hero due to his intelligence and wit portrayed in the comic books.

Joker face tattoos

The Jokers history is vague in the comics, however, it is known that he suffered an accident with a vat of chemicals that changed his physical appearance permanently. This explained his strange appearance of green hair, pale white skin and the eerie red grin he is famous for. These tattoos based on the comic book are always brilliantly colorful due to this combination.

There are also many of these tattoos dedicated to the actors that have portrayed the Joker on the big screen. There is a constant debate on which of the two actors played a better Joker, Jack Nicholson in 1989 or the late Heath Ledger in 2008.

The tattoo artwork dedicated to these two in Joker style can be absolutely amazing. Portrait style tattoos are challenging to say the least, and with the features of the Joker on each of these actors done with make-up and special effects it can be a very difficult task to get the tattoos accurately depicted.

Evil joker tattoos

Even celebrities have gotten into the joker tattoo design. One being David Bryan, former band member of Bon Jovi, with a joker tattoo on the right side of his chest. Insane Clown Posse, or ICP, and their followers, the Juggalos, have also found the joker fits in with their own tattoo styles as well.

There are many styles of joker tattoos, and many reasons for wearing them. With all the different design options it can be a fun and interesting process to create a style of joker that is unique and original to your own personality. We would love to share your joker ink if you would like to send it in using our contact page. Please keep all pictures and comments PG rated, thank you.

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