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Gemini zodiac tattoos, in common with all of the 12 signs of the zodiac, are symbolized by a glyph, which is essentially just a simple line drawing. Of course, one can customize these glyphs to make them unique and original, or they can be incorporated into a larger, more detailed tattoo.

History of Gemini tattoos

Zodiac tattoos are very popular, whether you are an aficionado or a real believer in the influence of the astrological bodies in your day to day life. Some simply choose one of these types of tattoos because they like the symbol, or because it is associated with their birthday.

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Zodiac Gemini sign

When it comes to the actual word, ‘zodiac’, there is a certain degree of disagreement about what the word really means. It is commonly believed that the word originates from the Greek ‘zoe’, which means life.

Also, another word linked to zoe is ‘diakos’, which means wheel. The idea is that the zodiac actually refers to the circle of life, whether this applies to humans or animals. Of course, other terms and phrases that are also associated with the zodiac are Babylonian, Egyptian, and even Sanskrit in origin.

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Gemini zodiac symbol

Like any of the other zodiac glyphs, the Gemini zodiac tattoos can trace their roots to the Middle East. In fact, there are records that go back as far as two thousand years before Christ, and even further.

Humans have always seemed to have a fascination with the stars and celestial bodies, with some believing in their power to influence their personality and life. History is full of excellent examples of how much human beings have revered the stars. Consider the ancient Egyptians, for instance, who built their pyramids to align with the stars.

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Those monthly horoscope for Gemini

Even if it is a farce, many people consult their horoscope on a daily basis whenever they pick up a newspaper. Like the word, ‘zodiac’, ‘horoscope’ also originates from ancient Greek. Whenever you look at a horoscope you will notice that it always begins with Aries.

This is because Ptolemy fixed the astrological year at the beginning of spring. Interestingly, Ptolemy had it right, but with the passage of time the stars do not match up to the dates that were once associated with them. This means that those born under the Aries sign are actually celebrating under the Pisces constellation.

In order for the stars to once again be correctly aligned, we will need to wait approximately 26,000 years! For those wanting Gemini zodiac tattoos, or any of the other zodiac symbols, this is of little consequence, of course.

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A Consideration Before You Get Your Tattoo

Whenever you consider having a zodiac tattoo it is important to first consider whether you want the actual zodiac glyph associated with it, or the image that is associated with your particular constellation.

For instance, Geminis would have the image of the twins as the constellation image, whereas the actual glyph is rather more simple. Also, each of the twelve signs of the zodiac are also associated with an element, namely: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.

These are linked to specific personality traits. Many people choose to have this aspect included as part of their zodiac tattoo as well, meaning that Geminis would choose the element of Air.

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