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Many people getting their first tattoo choose their first names Tattoo designs can be very unique when using your first name as the subject. There are many lettering styles and creative artwork that can be incorporated into a tattoo of ones name.

First names tattoo designs aren't limited to just the wearers first name, it can be the name of anyone you wish. Many people use their children's names as subjects or their parents or even their pets!

Tattoo Names

The first thing when deciding on a tattoo with a name as the main subject is to choose a lettering style. With so many options, it can be hard to choose a style. To make it easier start with the name you are using, is it male or female? That could narrow it down. Here are some styles that can be used for each gender:


Tribal – While tribal work can be used for girls, tribal has a bold, strong lines that make it perfect for a male name.

Old English – Here is another strong, heavily shaded style that ios used quite often in first names tattoo designs.

Graffiti – This is a very unique style seen on many guys but very few girls, this style if done well can look like someone just walked up and tagged the persons name on them!


Calligraphy – Tattoo names done in calligraphy are very feminine and can be incorporated into any girly tattoo work.

Cursive Script – There are many different choices of cursive styles which can be enhanced with stars, musical notes, butterflies or just about anything you choose.

Celtic/Irish – Here is a lettering style that truly is usable for both genders, however there are some nuances that can be added to make it purely feminine.

When you have decided on the font you wish to use for your name tattoo the next step is to decide if you are going to embellish it with a design or leave it as a simple, single word. Aside from the first names tattoo designs that are added to an existing piece, you can create an incredible piece of body art with your name tattoo.

Cool lettering tattoo design

Deciding on what to add to your tattoo names can be quite an enjoyable process, somewhat like decorating a Christmas tree! You start with the name done in the lettering style and the next step is choosing a design or designs to add.

If it is your first name tattoo designs you are having done, then you could add designs reflecting your interests, hobbies or even your occupation. For example: if you are a guy that loves to fish you could add hooks, lures and “the big one” in the background! For a female trying to keep a feminine theme; flowers, stars and angels representing your children are all popular choices.

Tattoo names of a loved one

In the situation where you are adding the name of a loved one or a child that has passed on, it is common to add crosses, angels or even gravestones with the name and birth dates and date of death. In this situation there are many designs to add as a memorial to your loved one.

While tattoo names are a common sight, the uniqueness each one possesses makes them all interesting to look at and to hear the stories behind all those first names tattoo designs. And, there is most always a story!

Tattoos are, with many people anyways, a way of preserving special memories or marking important times and changes in their lives. They are also a beautiful way to remember the special people in our lives, living or passed on.

First Names Tattoo Designs to Tattoo Styles

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