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A firefighter tattoo design can be chosen for numerous reasons. These tattoos can be quite varied in size and design. They often include lettering in different styles and sizes, as well.

While the rules and regulations for actual firefighters acquiring tattoos are quickly changing, this has not impeded them from getting tattoos not visible to the public.


Often these fire fighting tattoos are chosen in honor of a lifesaving incident involving an individual firefighter or even an entire fire department.

When choosing a tattoo in this category it is commonplace to see portrait styles or badges and numbers for individuals. Examples of entire houses being honored can be shields and house numbers or occasionally a mural of the firehouse itself.

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Fire fighter tattoo

Getting tattoos under these circumstances can often be emotional experiences for both the person getting and the person giving the tattoo.

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It is often life-changing or life saving experiences that lead people to go through the tattoo process. It is common for the artist to inquire about the personal reasons behind the tattoo, leading the person to tell their personal story. The process can be therapeutic for the person getting the tattoo.

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For firefighters, getting a firefighter tattoo can be a difficult process. There are constantly changing (and typically tightening) regulations for public service employees regarding any type of body modifications. This is especially true for tattoos, as they cannot be removed and reinserted after the shift is over.

Fire flames tattoo

Firefighters are very proud of their profession, with good reason. And many of them enjoy having ink that displays their career choice. This is made more difficult by being limited with the size and locations available for their art.

Many now choose simple designs like their shield or department number. Although many still find ways to create large murals that are easily covered. There are some organizations, though, that have zero tolerance for body art. It is best to check the regulations at your own department before making the decision of whether to modify or not.

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Flames are a common theme, along with trucks, hoses and ladders. The incorporation of these can be turned into some beautiful and fascinating pieces of body art!

It also allows for an array of colors to be used rather than the standard red and white associated with fire fighters in most cities. Of course it isn't completely uncommon to see green and white trucks depicted in these tattoos, as well.

firefighter tattoos

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