Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

Dreamcatcher tattoo designs or dream catcher tattoos are largely popular with not only Native Americans but also with many people who take interest in the American Indian culture. The origins and purpose of the dream catcher can be inspirational to those seeking to design one of these tattoos.

Dreamcatcher tattoo drawing

Dreamcatcher tattoo designs are based on the original construction of the dream catcher. These were built by creating a willow hoop, either round or tear shaped, and tying sinew strands in a web pattern around the hoop.

Feathers were then hung from the bottom to hang down towards the sleeper. They were then hung above the bed to “catch” any harm in the air, and to protect the sleeper from nightmares. Originally the dream catcher was not meant to last forever, they were intended to dry out and disintegrate as the child reached the “age of wonderment”.

With the emphasis of dream catchers used in childhood by Native Americans it would create quite a meaningful tattoo for those with children. An interesting design idea would be to have a different dream catcher designed for each child and have each childs name lettered around the design.

Dream catchers were not merely meant for use with children, though. They were also used for adults while sleeping. It is believed that the process of the dream catcher was to “catch” the bad dreams and allow the good dreams to slide down the feathers to the sleeper. It was believed that the bad dreams would then disappear with the light of day.

Indian dreamcatcher tattoo

Dreamcatcher tattoo designs can be beautifully done with the color choices, feather choices and design style chosen. These designs have been created by intricately adorning the pattern with different feather styles, color choices and the addition of multicolored beads. They can be easily altered to be male or female designs, and the size can be enlarged or reduced to fit almost anywhere one chooses.

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