Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs

"Tattoo of crosses"

Celtic cross tattoo designs are highly requested pieces along with many other styles of cross tattoos. The cross an ancient symbol, is perhaps the oldest drawn symbol in human history. Beginning with the very first tattoo designs, crosses have appeared in tattoo art.

People have many reasons for getting cross tattoo art and these reasons are generally reflected by the style of cross chosen for the tattoo.

There are a number of widely recognized crosses and some fairly obscure ones as well. Most are religious in nature, however, their purpose and message are not always acceptable by society's standards.

For thousands of years people have put profound meanings and importance in this simple, two-lined symbol. Even with very young children, after circles, the cross is one of the first symbols they draw.

For tattoo designs , there are definitely some crosses that are more widely seen and recognized than others. Celtic cross tattoo designs are just one of the more commonly chosen for their rich and ornate patterns. Here is a list of different cross designs and information about them.

(Depending on your beliefs it is important to understand the history and meaning of the cross design you select for your tattoo. You don't want to choose something to permanently put on your body that is contrary to your beliefs or possibly offensive to others.)

Ankh – Also known as the Egyptian cross, the ankh is an ancient symbol of fertility and life. The ankh predates the modern cross. When used in Christian contexts it is given the Latin name “crux ansata” or handled cross.

Christian Cross – The most common cross, this is the most widely recognized Christian symbol. This cross represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and His resurrection.

Coptic Cross – The Coptic cross has several variations which are all used by the Coptic or Egyptian Christians. The original Coptic cross is a cross with a circle atop with another cross inside.

High Cross – This is the free standing Celtic cross, from which all Celtic cross tattoo designs originate from. It resembles the Christian cross with the primary difference being the ornate detail with which it is filled.

Canterbury Cross – This is an unusual cross used in the Anglican churches. This cross has four arms of equal length which widen at the outer end in a hammer shape, causing their rims to nearly form a circle.

Saint Peter's Cross / Inverted Cross – This is an upside down Latin cross. This cross is based on the fact that the the Apostle Peter, when crucified, stated he was unworthy to be crucified in the same manner as his Lord and asked to be hung upside down on his cross. It is now incorrectly associated with anti-Christian and satanic groups.

Swastika – This cross, dated back to the neolithic period, is an equilateral cross with its arms bent at right angles. Originally a religious symbol or motif, it obtained a stigma still carried today with its use by Hitler in Nazi Germany. It remains widely used by Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, along with hate groups such as Neo-Nazis and white pride groups. The symbol has been notably outlawed in Germany.

Crosses are also used quite commonly in state and national flags. These crosses are often integrated into tattoo designs intended to display patriotism and pride in ones nationality and ethnicity. Celtic cross tattoo designs are often chosen for this purpose.

A cross tattoo design can be a powerful symbol of reminder for those choosing to display them, whether it be for pride in ones heritage or devotion to ones religious beliefs.

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