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A breast tattoo is a very personal piece of art. For many people this is a very taboo area to have tattooed, and several questions arise for those considering this. Or when breasts are included in a design, like with pin-up girls, there are questions such as size, and levels of modesty to take into consideration.

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While some there are some people who don't care about offending others with their tattoos, it should be important to remember the stigma already attached to body art and try to make it as socially acceptable as possible while still keeping your artistic integrity.

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There are many questions asked regarding getting a tattoo on or in the breast area:

Does the tattoo hurt worse than other areas?

Will the ink hold as well?

If I have implants will they be in danger from the needles?

Will the tattoo take longer because the flesh is more pliable?

Tattoo breast questions

These are just a sample of the questions asked by people considering a tattoo on the breast. While it is impossible to answer all the questions here are some basic answers:

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  • The pain involved in this body area is subjective to your own pain threshold, however, many people would compare it to having your stomach or thigh area tattooed. It does get more sensitive closer to the aureola.
  • The ink holds well in most breast tattoos, as long as there is ample “flesh” to hold the ink.
  • With almost all implants currently used they are applied under the muscle, so while the tattoo artists generally only go as deep as the second layer of skin, the needle should never encounter the implant. It is important to speak with your surgeon if you have questions about your particular implants.
  • The time required for tattooing the breast depends upon the artist and how comfortable he/she is with this body surface. Generally the time is the same as any other body part.
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Any other questions about a breast tattoo should be able to be answered by a good artist. If you can't find an answer to your question feel free to contact us using our contact page and we will do our best to help!

Breast cancer tattoo designs

A popular trend has popped up for tattooing related to the breast. For breast cancer survivors and their loved ones it has become a symbol of hope and love to have a pink ribbon tattoo, or to have the ribbon incorporated into their tattoos. This is also common for those that have lost loved ones to this dreaded disease. It is a beautiful gesture that turns into some very unique and beautiful body art.

Pin up girl tattoo

Tattoos which commonly featured breasts as the focal point were the original pin up girl tattoos from the forties which have seen a new rise in popularity among men and women. Whether done in classic pun-up style or modernized by the wearer or artist, the pin up girl is definitely a breast tattoo. These girls were and are known for their prominent breasts and hourglass figures.

Whatever type of tattoo, whether featuring or related to breasts, it is quite a personal matter and requires some deep thought before pursuing. No one wants to make a decision they may regret for whatever reason, be it health or image that could be possibly damaged.

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