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An Aquarius tattoo is a commonly chosen design for those born under the Aquarius sign. Those born between January 20th and February 19th are born under the sign of Aquarius. All zodiac symbols are based on constellations and Aquarius is eleventh, or next to last in the twelve astrological signs.

There are two symbols regularly associated with the Aquarius sign. First is the “water bearer” or “water carrier” symbol. This symbol is representative of giving life and food to the world. The water is said to wash away the past and make room for the future.

The second symbol, a glyph in the design of waves of water, is symbolic of the water from the water bearer's vessel. It is considered a symbol of open ended spiritual energy. This sign can resemble an M or two rippling waves atop one another.

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Tattoo of a Aquarius sign

The Aquarius sign, although it seems to be greatly associated with water, is elementally an air sign. The colors associated with this sign are the colors of the water they carry: turquoise, aqua and silver. These colors can be incorporated into a beautiful tattoo dedicated to their sign of the zodiac.

There are many characteristics associated with the Aquarius personality. This is one of the main reasons people choose an Aquarius tattoo, to symbolize their Aquarius natures. Some of the most prominent of these traits are:









There are many creative ways to display ones astrological sign. With the precious gem connected to the Aquarius sign, the Amethyst, it is easy to incorporate associated symbols and designs into a tattoo that expresses the originality of the wearer.

These can be translated into just about any style as well. Both symbols, the water bearer and the glyph, can be transformed into Celtic, tribal or even Asian styles.

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Tattoos of the aquarius symbol

For females it is also common to see flowers incorporated into the tattoos. Most common are roses, daisies, day lilies and vines of many types. For men the water bearer is many times a voluptuous women with buckets or jugs of over flowing water.

It is also common to see lettering included, whether it be simply the word “Aquarius” or the persons name and date of birth. The lettering can be any one of many styles as well. Calligraphy, bold typeface and multiple colors are often popular choices.

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Zodiac tattoo designs

For the Chinese zodiac it requires a bit more information to determine the animal that represents your year of birth.

It is interesting to note, however, that the New Moon in Aquarius (the constellation associated with the western zodiac) is when the Chinese New Year begins. This can be in either late January to mid February.

An Aquarius tattoo would be a beautiful way to show the world your attributes as an Aquarian. It would give a small clue as to who you are and what type of personality traits you have.

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Some people actually base their prospective relationships on sun signs and place great significance in their compatibility. As far as astrological ideology there are several other signs that are ideal matches for the Aquarius. These are Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius and Aries.

If you have an original, unique and/or beautiful tattoo of your star sign and would like to share it please feel free to submit it through our contact page. Please remember, as always, we keep our page PG rated and will not post obscene or vulgar pictures. Thank you!

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