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"Guardian angel tattoo"

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When researching angel tattoo designs, you will find a large array of design ideas. A creative mind combined with artistic ability create the potential for designing an original and beautiful piece of body art.

The best way to start this process is to define what angels represent, and to decide what you wish to say through your angelic design.

angel and cherub tattoos

Angel and cherub tattoos

The term angel has several definitions that could be applied to designing a tattoo.

The first definition of angel in the dictionary is “a spiritual being superior to humans in power and intelligence”, the second is “an attendant spirit or guardian” and the third is “a usually white-robed winged figure of human form”.

These definitions can generally be seen as the primary inspiration for tattoos with angels.

angel wings tattoos

Angels and angel wings are also commonly used to represent a loved one that has passed away. This could be due to the myth that implies when a person dies they become an angel or “get their wings”.

baby angel tattoos

Angel wings tattoo

Angel tattoo designs are often a way people hold on to the memory of a loved one that has died.

These can be portrayed in many ways - an angel “watching over” the persons gravestone, angel wings around the persons name, and another common design choice is a cherub (baby angel) with a persons name including birth and sometimes death dates. These are used most commonly with the death of a child or infant.

angel wing tattoos designs

The design choices are endless. Black and white versus color ink tattoos, simply wings versus complete angelic bodies, the decision to add lettering or not; these are all things to be considered in the process of designing a tattoo with an angel.

The size of the area to be tattooed must also be considered when making the decision of an angel tattoo. Do you have enough room for a full angel, or are simple wings the only option available with the space you have?

fallen angel tattoos

Fallen angel tattoos

There is also the subject of “dark” or “fallen” angels that have started showing up in more angel tattoo designs. These angels provide a whole different spectrum of design ideas.

This includes coloring, lettering and other design incorporation possibilities. The choice to add these angels to your tattoo portfolio should be seriously considered as they can be deemed offensive and occultist in nature by many people.

Your own faith must be strongly considered as well before getting a permanent dark angel design.

tattoo of angel wings

If you are one of the many people with an angel or angel related tattoo, we would be honored to hear the story and/or purpose behind the tattoo.

angel wing tattoos

You are also welcome to send pictures of your tattoo(s) and with your permission we would like to add them to our picture gallery. Please remember we do not post anything with obscene language or photos.

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